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With a team of perfection hungry drivers, DigiStreet Media has been ranked amongst the Top 20 Digital Agencies by Silicon India Magazine (April 2015), making it the youngest of the lot. With an exponential growth chart, we strive to pave our path in becoming one of the most successful digital agency in the country.

A walk around this street will astound you with charismatic ideas and would take you through the technologically advanced tunnels where WOW is the only dead end, alive! We work day and night. Armed as ‘DIGI KNIGHTS’ who guard the brand’s marketing warfare and do troubleshooting when it is needed the most bright.

You may hear the music we create as you walk along. That’s the success stories transformed into Brand Lullabies.

We suggest you to peek into the word ‘S’ under this street light. It stands for the infinite possibilities we offer.

Here the street lights remain on as we work day and night under a lamp post of dreams with our inner genius intact. At Digistreet, we aim to make this journey more reasonable by taking all Right turn and directions with a single aim to deliver an exceptional experience to our clients. An experience that surpasses all the conventional standards of marketing and communication. An experience that make us stand out from the other Marcom Companies.

Our Approach

Research & Planning

Research & Planning

With a thoughtful research and planning strategy, we bring to the table only the very best of our efforts in a well articulated manner that the clients are enticed to approve of.

Customisation and Conclusion

Customisation and Conclusion

As the ball rolls further towards conclusion, we look over and rectify every minute details and errors to bring forward only the most uniquely customised and efficiently designed deliverable.


Communication Emphasis

With the adept strategy in place and a green flag from the client’s side, we unroll our well stitched and steamed creative red carpet for the brand to showcase itself in all it’s glory.

Analytic & Optimization

Analytic & Optimization

Moving towards Digital, we ensure that each and every step taken towards the medium is measured with most advanced tracking methods which helps in creating funnels that yields high returns.

Digistreet Capabilities



Our strategy is simple, understand your vision and delivering it- creatively.



Just the way you want it with exactly the features and outlook to serve its purpose



The perfect & the most customised solution for taking your business or brand in the digital



We study and identify the key influencers relevant to your business that will help your business grow

Our Core Team

The ones who inspire and lead an armada of tireless and committed soldiers at DigiStreet. Feel free to prod any of us and then prepare to get amazed!

  • Business Head
    Business Head

    With an experience spanning 10 years, he has jumped through the right hoops of the advertising industry with surprising vigour and commitment. A work portfolio as impressive as his business stamina and appetite, Darpan Sharma has pegged his flags on the summits of major international brands like F1 (JPSI), Pigeon, Luxor, Rohto Pharma India, Godfather Beer, Surya Roshini, Lee Cooper, Okaya Group, Microtek & Mitsubishi to name a meagre few, serving in key roles as Head Strategy, Marketing, Ideation and planning. Today, he has refined the years of experience and originality into establishing DigiStreet as one of the youngest fore-runners of the digital domain in the country.

    As a founding member of DigiStreet he still envelopes himself with the same level of commitment to punctuality, ethics and an unquenchable thirst for excellence and success, just as he exhibited in his formative years at Essel Group. Keeping complacency at bay, he is pushing the boundaries of his determination and imagination by establishing a Think-Tank Consultancy firm: Diaphragm & Seer to enthuse strategic growth for its partners.

  • Digital Head
    Digital & Servicing Head

    His passion for technology is only trumped by his ability to tailor fit solutions for every problem that comes across his way. PGP qualified, he quickly adapts to new trends and behaviours in the digital domain. Along with his young and vibrant team of developers and programmers, he has handled B2B & B2C clients and added lots of value to SME’s & New Ventures. From website development to establishing big e-commerce to recent buzzword mobile & social media, he strives to achieve an unparalleled level of perfection when comes to deliverables. Also, being a Google Analytic & Adword Certified Individual, he brings character and certain degree of perfection to the agency portfolio.

  • Team Leader
    IT - Lead

    A creative technologist, and with a problem-solving mindset: he’s always on the lookout for ways to make things work faster, better, and more efficiently. He is passionate about human-computer interactions, ethics and technology. An expert in both responsive front-end and back-end design and development, Amit Singh bellows with six years of experience helping companies to solve business problems with user-friendly websites, better web design & UX. And he does all these as a walk in the park by building ERP, CRM, Web Application, Facebook Application, CMS, eCommerce (Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart) and various other web scripting technologies, for a multitude of platforms. His unique mix of creative and technical talent brings a special sensitivity to his design and development process, making him an integral part of the DigiStreet Media team. He is leading the team of developers at 'Wise Web Walk' and is responsible for cost evaluation and project delivery rate within the organization.

  • Visualizer
    Art Director

    Niti has graduated from "College of Art, Delhi" and her seriousness of the subject has made her pursue Masters from National Institute of Advertising. She is well-versed in a plethora of Creative Software and is able to quickly learn new programs and incorporate them into work. Her inherited love for creativity aid her to deliver concept quite easily. As a result, in the early stage of her career, she has been fortunate to work on a creative / concept for majors like LG, PVR, Belgian Fries, IILM to mention a few. Her passion for creativity has lent her various accolades from clients.

  • Visualizer
    Senior Visualizer

    Having done a post-grad in advertising, Sourav realized that it would have been better if he jumped into the industry right after school. ‘There’s more to learn in an agency than in the classroom’ or such is his thinking. Specialised in Copywriting, Sourav hasn’t ever limited himself with just writing. With years of experience in advertising, he has worked with N number of clients and have learned proficiently the nitty-gritties of the trade starting from TVCs to Print & Digital. His main approach is: observe – research – create; and also to understand the client’s mentality to device out exactly what’s needed.


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