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Influential marketing - not a new concept but definitely a trending one, especially due to the immense growth of social media over the past decade. Every organisation, every brand should consider influential marketing for their business if they plan to stay ahead in the game.

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Anniversary Celebration with our existing fans & followers & make noise amoung the target.


Twitter influencer marketing.


Our hashtag got trend above #IndiaKaTyohar (IPL- Same day launch 8thApril) 3600 + Tweets & Collective reach to 18 million people;

Identifying influencers

Identifying influencers

Who are the influencers? What are they doing? What are their strategies? Will it help us too? These are the questions that need to be thought about if you're planning to use influential marketing as a strategy for your business. We use the best of our knowledge to identify and use influencers that will prove to be beneficial to your business.

Using influencers for business

Using influencers for business

Our ultimate goal is to find perfect influencers for your brand and what it represents so that your business booms every step of the way. From celebrity influencers to people who have a mass following in terms of their specialisation (fashion, food, travelling, etc.), we always aim to go big. By using the forces of social media, we ensure that your brand is represented in a way that your followers of your brand are increased.

Engagement and interaction

Engagement and interaction

What’s the point of influencers if it doesn’t result in positive outcomes for your business? We study and identify the key influencers relevant to your business that will help your business grow and generate numerous leads. It results in consumer engagement and interaction with the brand.

We find creative ways to make your brand’s promotions wildly successful and eventually getting people to trust your services. If you are not aware why influential marketing has become an important aspect for everyone, let us enlighten you.

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